We love what we do and you will love it too, that's a promise that is backed by many other Pittsburgh Artists. We're proud to have worked with some of the finest artists and managers in Pittsburgh, including the Famous Promoter Rich Engler, Rusted Root, Carla Bianco, Rachel B, Billy Castle, The Hawkeyes and many others.

Meet our Team

Well, this is embarrassing. Someone forgot to complete the staff photos. Sent a message to Kevin, our Senior 'Whatever is Broken' Developer and Chief Cookie Monster to get it fixed

Senior 'Whatever is Broken' Developer and Chief Cookie Monster.
Global Paradigm Assistant, and Graphics Guru. Just don't mess with her iPhone!
Developer of the sham-wow. She's also the talented copy writer extraordinaire.
"The Tarmac Specialist." Delivering your Project faster than a Tesla Model S
Years Experience
Happy Clients
Point of Contact Per Client.
No call centers. Personal Service from one Project Manager per client. Why talk to someone from an outsourced center when you can speak with the team that has their hands on your project. Assuming the hands aren't in whatever treats were left out...

Working with Kevin has been such a pleasure. He has creative solutions to every problem and is always thinking ahead of the game. He truly cares and is passionate about his clients. He always goes the extra mile.

Carla Bianco


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